The last training walk


Madbunny and the Bandit, Headly Heath after a 10 mile walk. Training for the walk that shall not be named has been hard as I’ve written before.  However we are still smiling and still laughing at each others foolishness  !  Strong and determined or slightly bonkers! ! Either way we will do this.

Sock Saga
The battle for the right socks rages on…
1000mile season 2 walking socks arrived yesterday, hopefully that will be the end of pinching toes. I need to test drive them this morning. I’ve loved my 1000mile socks up to now so I’m hopeful this is a good plan.

As the weeks going on I’m thinking more about why I’m walking, I am firstly doing this as a personal challenge, to see how far I can push myself, to see something massive right through to the end. Secondly I’m doing this for Girlguiding and my Brownies and all the members of youth organisations, so that if they wish they can enjoy the special place that is Faurefold, taking a group of young people away for a holiday especially a girlguiding holiday gives these young people opportunities that they will never forget. Building valuable life skills, team skills, self confidence and esteem. These attributes are so important if we build our children up and get them ready for life, when things get tough they have the inner strength to push on. To get the job done. Life is not easy and giving children the chance to be free and have fun is a great gift to give.

Google madbunnywalking and my  MyDonate page will come up, you can be part of something great.

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The end’s in sight

It’s hard to imagine that 11 months ago I had a mad idea that I’d walk from London 2 Brighton in the #l2bchallenge just before I’d been on our Brownie  Pack Holiday and hear I am 9 sleeps away from the biggest weekend of my life.
I’m under no illusion that this will be so hard and mentally tougher than most things I’ve ever done. However I’m ready! I’m ready to be pushed and challenged and I’m sure that this girl can ! ! Because I made a promise to do my best!. Ö
Of course through all of this walking and training I’ve had my great friend The Bandit aka Verity (don’t do what I did), we’ve laughed, sworn,  made incredible stories and memories and became even better friends and when you can still laugh after a 45 mile weekend with over 2000ft accent then you know there’s no one else you’d want to walk with.

Walking each weekend and on some cases being gone nearly all day has really been one of the hardest things to do, both of us are mum’s and we have families, but we are there now, the end is near and although I’m looking forward to being with my family and actually not eating porridge at 4am, I’m going to miss walking and I’m going to miss all the new memories and lovely views !

This Saturday I’m heading off to Faurefold to celebrate the Queens 90th birthday at their Tea Party, I’m looking forward to taking almost all my Brownies there to show the just why I’m #madbunnywalking and why I’m walking for @surreyeast #faurefold.

I also never realised how many decisions I’d still be making regarding kit. Do I need change my socks?, I probably need new glasses.  Do I need waterproof trousers? Boots or trainers?  Snacks ? Or no snacks ?

Susy Radio
I’ve been so fortunate that I’ve been on BBC  Surrey and also the amazing team at SUSY Radio have jumped on board and on Wednesday myself and Dymphna headed off to the radio station, where I was interviewed by the brilliant Annie who really made us feel so welcome and made chatting to her so easy. 20 minutes or so we chatted for and it felt wonderful chatting about Girlguiding.

Well that’s my week and everything I can think of right now.  I’m sleeping more than a hibernating elf at the minute. It’s all about rest! Stretch! Rest and more rest.




Sewing and yet more porridge

Three weeks and counting and my branded walk wear has arrived, I’ve been busy sewing my patches onto my hat and hoodie and I think I’m good to go. When you start to piece your kit together you realise just how soon it is. My bag is basically packed and I have been walking with it on for weeks. It makes for some funny looks when just doing a little flat route but I do like to entertain. 

I’ve been looking back at the casualties of this challenge. Toe nails seem to be a theme,  I’ve lost 10 and some have grown back and lost them again.  I can no longer wear my favourite boots as my calf’s are too big, and i never want to see porridge again.

Today’s walk is just a little Diddy 8 miles Leigh and Highridge Woods and it looks like it’s going to be a glorious day.

Greensand monster

It’s incredible what a few months waking in the surrey hills can do. Last weekend we embarked on our greatest training weekend yet. On Saturday we walked 25miles including Boar Hill,  Leith hill twice, holmbury fort and miles of farmland and of course back up to windy gap.and Holmwood This took us a respectable 10 hrs the following day we set off on the Surrey Greensand Monster walk, a route designed and mapped by this route boasts 18miles of incredible terrain, taking in the three highest peaks in Surrey. Leith hill, holmbury hill and pitch hill, what it also takes in is that you go round both sides of the hills basically. It was honestly the hardest walk of my life. I was extremely tired, our feet hurt and we had all but run out of water by the end, however after getting home something amazing happened. I found this huge serge of confidence and positive energy. We had done it! Two very hard days of brutal hill walking. I’m so proud of how far we have come. We are both carrying some injuries and aches and pains, but now is the period of little walks and readying ourselves for the 28th May. It’s going to be an life changing weekend and I’m really looking forward to it.


Sleeping moss trolls (it’s a long story)



Waiting to go on BBC Radio Surrey at the top of Boar  Hill on Saturday to talk about Faurefold and my walk.


Me with my Brownies, these amazing girls are the reason I get up at 4 am at the weekend to train. They are the reason I care so much about giving them great holidays and adventures that will become lifetime memories.



Never to miss a opportunity for fresh eggs it was imperative that madbunny stayed upright for her walk yesterday. How do you like yours??? Scrambled ???!!

We are off the roads now, the bandit and I have had enough of cars wooshing past us and just the trudging along pavement has left both our feet in bad shape.  So now we get to enjoy beautiful countryside and the rolling surrey hills. On yesterday’s route from Ranmore  Common, Friday Street and Westcott, we found ourselves at faurefold @surreyeast #girlguiding . After stopping for a quick photo we were off again.


Finishing back at the car tired and muddy… my boots have not recovered for today’s walk. So breaking new boots in on a 14 mile route… I’m expecting blisters.


It’s cold and yes mad does spring to mind


It’s dark, very cold and the middle of January but we are still hard at it. We have been back walking for 2 weeks now and throwing 10 miles in at the weekends now. It’s pretty much on road only with the amount of rain we’ve had.
My ankle is holding up and it’s all good fun really.

Sponsorship is well underway as well. @ madbunnywalking #madbunnywalking

It had to happen

How was the end of November for you? My end of November was very busy with two christmas fairs over two da with ys and general merriment of a Brown Owls build up to Christmas.  We raised over the weekend just under £700 for #faurefold. So you’d think wow this is a good end of the month !

Sadly No.

Monday 30th I head put at 8pm like normal with the Bandit and we start out Monday walk. 24 minutes into the walk I decide it’s better to do the walk on my face in a puddle. Sadly as I go down my ankle snaps and the pain is instant as I’m in trouble.
My trusty friend helps me out of the road and into a side lane and the tears start to stream.
I can’t put weight on my foot and I know I’m in trouble. I call Mr madbunnywalking and h comes to rescue me. He makes me go to A&e where I’m looked after so well. Even though I was covered in mud and puddle and I was sobbing like a baby.


3 hrs later I’m home with a suspected fractured ankle two bruised knees and hands. I’m feeling very sorry for myself.
I returned to the fracture clinic on Tuesday and thankfully no fracture could be seen and no tears to the ligaments. So that’s me resting as much as possible, foot elevated, no training walking for a few weeks and a possible 2-3 months total recovery. So its back to the drawing board for training. I’m going to try and swim next week to start to stamina build. I’m less mad bunny walking and more tearful bunny off her foot at the minute.

I’ll be fit and I ‘ll br ready for #l2b #faurefold